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Second Pass Fungicide Plot – CFS Shop

This field followed winter wheat and oats cover crop, get regular manure and is conventionally tilled. The plot was planted with a 12 row John Deere planter with air bags and vDrive. 5 gal of G24 liquid starter was added on the seed at planting. The PSNT called for nitrogen when tested at 8 leaf, so at side dress time 24 gal of UAN + ATS was applied to ensure Nitrogen was not the yield limiting factor. 

This fungicide plot is something CFS does regularly, it’s about time that we publish some results! We applied 120′ strips of Veltyma DLX across the field on August 1st. A second pass of Delaro complete was done on 1 Sept and compared to no product. The logic behind the second pass was that the corn was quite a ways away from black layer and a lot of Northern Corn Leaf Blight had been seen. Tar spot was also a consideration, our scouts have found some at low levels around Drayton and Arthur the last few years. 

The results showed that the first pass of Veltyma lasted well through grain fill! There was no difference between one pass and two of fungicide! That’s a good sign so far, but areas where  Tar Spot has become endemic, growers are considering a second pass of fungicide.

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