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About Us

Clean Field Services offers expertise and experience in crop care techniques

We have been in business since 2003 when Dennis Frey left a larger company he had worked for to start his own custom applicator business.

CFS, owned by Dennis and Laurie Frey, is located on Concession 8 just west of County Road 12. The business started with one small self-propelled sprayer and a couple employees. Now running his own business, Dennis can give his customers the attention and expertise they need to keep their fields as clean as possible. The company has since expanded into seed, liquid and dry fertilizer sales, nutrient management planning, soil sampling and crop recommendations.

As with all new businesses the first years were challenging, building up a clientele and promoting the new company in the community. Crop care is a constantly changing profession, as weeds, insects, and regulations can provide different challenges from year to year.

The CFS fleet consists of 2 John Deere’s: a 4038 and a 410R,  both with 120′ boom width. One of them has an 18″ lift kit that raises it to 6’6″, which makes it capable of applying fungicide on corn at the tasselling stage without causing damage to the plant. Each machine has a set of wide flotation tires to reduce compaction in pre-plant/pre-emerge applications. We also have a nitrogen side dressing system built to fit our machines.

In addition to owners Dennis and Laurie Frey, CFS staff includes; sales and agronomy staff Lauren Good, nutrient management consultant Gary Van Ankum, precision planting consultant Chris Haines and dispatcher Todd Frey. There is a team of certified equipment operators as well as our subcontractor Perry Martin, working with CFS.

“We are a family-owned business and take pride in taking care of our customer’s needs and keeping their crops as healthy and weed free as possible from start to finish.”

Company History